What is Music?

Music is organized sounds but any sound can be music. Every person can create a unique sound and that is why music is people-centred, the mix and match of different emotions, cultures, religions, which is an international language.

These thoughts are what founded Resonate with the aim to connect people from different cultures and of different ethnicity and in the process, we break barriers and stigmas.    

We want to spread the proper meaning of music, to be present in the lives of different people and giving our time voluntarily to pass on our love for music. The idea of Resonate started whilst being on different voluntary experiences abroad with agara, the language barrier was sometimes difficult to overcome and thinking of music and how well it could have been incorporated to break this barrier, it could have created better relationships and a better working environment.    

Thus, the beginning of Resonate was in mid-2018 and in August 2018 the first event was held in Birżebbuġa. After that, we continued to organize jamming sessions regularly which include Żejt iż-Żejtun, Ħal Kirkop Band Club which was a success in breaking a certain stigma and future plans are being discussed, Mellieħa, Marsaskala youths, YMCA and last event was with Moviment Graffiti Football Tournament.

Through these events we had the opportunity to work with various types of communities, creating new contacts and even the addition of people with agara Team. We created strong working relationships and through our jamming sessions we created a chain of other people to repeat our ideas.

Our future events will consist of the pending projects with San Blas Residence, Bon Pastur House Balzan, Hal Far Outreach Programme and Changing Communities Malta. We want to create designated workshops with the long-term projects and to use recyclable instruments as a form of sustainability. Since Resonate is still in the early stages and still developing, we are being flexible and open-minded to adapt according to what works or not.      


Written by:

Joanna Cassar