“Team Omáda on the loose”

By now you should be aware ‘agara’ is going to Greece bringing sports to a refugee camp close to Athens. After having shamelessly spammed your news feeds for weeks on end with journal entries, invites to join our training sessions, (not so charming) pictures of us sweating and calls for donations – I think it is high time for you to meet the team. So here are the puzzle pieces of our team ?



Stephen Abela


This guy is one of the masterminds behind the ‘agara’ itself. Aged 32, he is an accounting software consultant, he breathes, eats and sleeps agara and his second home is probably the airport.

He has a passion for reading, travelling and dreaming and as he himself puts it, hates pessimism and status quo – Kudos to disruption! His choice to join this team boils down to the fact that even though not too sporty himself he is greatly aware of the benefits of sports.


“I want to make a difference in the life of the refugees, who are frequently forgotten and even rejected by everyone.”


Bernard Micallef


Bernard, or rather Fr Bernard as they now call him is a 30 year old freshly ordained priest. His vocation/occupation allows him to meet people and accompany them in their growth. He loves a good adventure as well as listening to music. Don’t act all surprised if you find him dancing away at times.


He trained athletics, as a sprinter for 8 years before joining the seminary, even though football remains his favourite sport. This love for sports pushed him to join this team as he believes that it is a good way of meeting new people and getting to know them better.


“Sport fills me with energy and enthusiasm; it makes me feel alive and having lived its positive effects I want to share it with others.”


Sarah- Ann Galea


Sarah is the speech & language pathologist in the team. She likes to listen to music and loves to discover and explore new places around the world.


Last year she had her first voluntary experience in London and now is looking forward to continue this volunteering journey with agara. Having met refugee kids but never having visited a refugee camp itself has intrigued her to participate in such a project.


“I am looking forward to start off this sports project and attain our goals”


Nicole Schembri


Aged 22, Nicole works as a nurse and is the passionate adrenaline junkie of our team. She loves adventures and meeting new people. She despises injustice and if I were you I wouldn’t mess with her – she is a trainee boxer and takes it very seriously.


She decided to join the team because she wants to try out and experience something new and different.


“What struck me most was the project itself, the use of sports to encourage integration”


Katia Monreal


Katia is the youngest and most competitive soul in our team. 21 years of age, she is a nurse and a netball player. She has a passion for dancing and her dream is to travel the world.  She considers herself to be a loving and caring person, always looking for an adventure to keep life as interesting as possible.



She always had the wish to volunteer and after last years’ experience in Romania she considers herself a little addicted to it.


“I have been training netball for 8 years and studied physical education even at school. Knowing that this project is related to sports has got me very enthusiastic since it will allow me to use my skills”


M’ Giulia Pace

Giulia, 25 years old, is an economic consultant by profession and engages in a lot of initiatives to fight for social justice and sustainability in her spare time. She is passionate about food, travelling, writing…and well… life in general.



She loves running and cycling yet has rarely engaged in teams sports. She decided to join the team to push herself out of her comfort zone, aware that team sports can be extremely beneficial in bringing people together.


“I am especially looking forward to see how sports can help us overcome all cultural and language barriers and unite us all as one team”.


So here you have it ☺ Stay tuned to see what these 6 will be up to in the upcoming weeks.

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