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How many times have we come across people who choose to donate clothes, food, books, medicine and even money for members of voluntary organisations to take with them to the visiting country and donate them accordingly?

What if we tell you that there is a new way to donate? An innovative idea which we as agara foundation (VO/11138) have implemented here in Malta! All year through,

agara collects gadgets such as second hand laptops, computers, tablets, USB pen drives and computer mice.

But what happens to these gadgets? Upon first contact by a possible donator, the PolePole team make an appointment with the individual or even businesses to collect the donated gadgets. Then the fun starts!  The team meets to do a stock control and assess the state of the gadget. When the gadget is a laptop or computer, it is formatted, and the latest Operating System, Office and other useful applications are installed. Later, as a final touch, we give them a polish to make them look as good as new! When USB pen drives are donated, they are formatted too. We then save useful notes and software on them to make them ready for donation. In the meantime, the PolePole team would be searching for partners worldwide with which they can work with in order to continue expanding this project.

What do you think of this idea? We believe that in this way, we are reusing gadgets (whilst helping the environment too)! This is done by giving the donated gadgets a second chance to be used by other people to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Be part of the change! Donate your unused gadgets today!

Written by:

Adrain Cassar – PoléPolé team leader and board member

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