PoléPolé Lesotho 2018: God’s Love Centre

Today we thought we’d share with you a small bit of information on the orphanage that agara’s Lesotho team will be helping this August. God’s Love Centre is a welcoming and growing home for some 50 orphaned and abandoned children, in a home started and run by Neo Motantsi. Neo Motantsi found herself having to look after her brother’s children following his death and, before she knew it, she was taking in other orphaned or troubled children. The number of children kept growing through the years, and today it is at the heart of a sustainability project run by RISE, where locals are coming to learn how to build. In this way, besides giving a loving home to these children, the trainee builders themselves are becoming empowered by taking on the skills involved in building, which in turn leaves them with a diploma so that they can help themselves to a better future by building safely elsewhere too.

 The home is based in Sekamaneng, Maseru – Lesotho. It houses boys and girls in a dormitory set-up with bunk beds. In it there is a large living area where they can socialise and play, there is a kitchen that uses gas for cooking and yes (!) an indoor toilet, a luxury not enjoyed by all the natives. Water coming from a borehole is directed through solar panels, which allows hot showers; the house has electricity, too. Thankfully, the home has a garden where the children can play and help with growing crops and looking after pigs as well. Whereever possible, a here sustainable approach is taken within this home. Have a look at their official website here

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