Our Story

EWWR Brussels


As finalist, part from the team of agara traveled to Brussels to represent agara in the EWWR of Brussels where a number of organisations and NGO’s gathered from around Europe. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and even though we didn’t classify as winners in this round, we surely appreciated this opportunity in learning how one small action can have huge difference not only on others but also on the environment around us.

EWWR Malta


As part of the European Week for Waste Reduction, agara took part in a competition set up on purpose for this occasion by the waste serve company. This competition themed”reuse & repair: give it a new chance”, gave agara the chance to showcase one of it’s main projects from the PoléPolé team. agara took part with the title ” giving laptops a second chance” where we presented how an old laptop donated by the general public or companies is refurbished and given a new opportunity in one of agara’s projects. This led agara to win Malta’s EWWR competition in the NGO’s Section while also being nominated as EWWR finalist in Europe.

Honoured "Premju Żagħżugħ tas-Sena 2017"

A great honour for our beloved agara: the award “Premju Żagħżugħ tas-Sena 2017”!

Plant for agara

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! agara got into the festive spirit by selling REAL Christmas trees!  Members from our team visited various locations to sell the Christmas trees. Orders were also placed by schools, companies and individuals. A true success!

From Story to Strategy: Marketing Seminar for NGOs & Social Entities

A marketing seminar was organised over two days. Its target was to help NGOs and Social Enterprises towards their organisation’s marketing needs. The guest speaker was a qualified marketing professional, Mr.Stephen Deguara

agara hits Notte Bianca

During the annual Notte Bianca event held in Valletta, agara was one of the NGOs present at the Upper Barrakka Gardens. The majority of our achievements were showcased, and our projects and aims were advertised to the public present

Chill 'n' grill in aid of agara

This was a fundraising event organized in September 2017 at Dar tal-Providenza in Siġġiewi


Fit for agara was a series of 10 fundraising events, which included 10 sessions of different sports such as: Zumba , Pilates, Circuit Training, Yoga and Fat Burning Sessions. These were organised in different locations around Malta

A Harsh Reality: The Plight of a Refugee

In October 2016, agara foundation posted photos of the Calais Refugee Camp, the aim of which was to raise awareness following the French government’s decision to dismantle this same refugee camp, which agara had visited just a few months before. To further increase the awareness, and as a conclusion of this campaign, a silent protest was set up in Great Siege Square in Valletta. During this protest, a group of people gathered and, displaying photos from the Calais experience, spent the night in the street exposed to all elements, lacking luxuries. This was done in order to  sympathize and understand at least a fraction of what refugees go through

Agara Times

agara had been up and running for two years! As commemoration of all its achievements, ‘agara times’ was set up. This event show cased the work carried out during these two years. It was also used as an opportunity to re-brand the whole organisation, and new logos were created! The event was set up at the Valletta Waterfront, during which local artists entertained guests with life music.

Local volunteering

Throughout 2016, agara’s focus shifted to local volunteering. These events were organised every two months. Each event consisted of different activities related to festive seasons throughout the year. Some of these events were: a Carnival Party organised for children residing at Good Shepherd’s Home for Refugees; giving a helping hand at Dar Frate Jacoba;  as well as craft activities at St. Vincent de Paule Home for the Elderly. The aim was to reach out to  individuals within local institutions and organisations.

melloWednesdays with agara

agara organised a series of 4 events, on 4 consecutive Wednesdays between June and July. The nights were also given an artistic touch, with the presence of various artists painting and displaying their works throughout the event. The funds raised went to the #K4Kenya project, an incentive of agara

agara's call for Volunteers

First official call for volunteers, aiming to recruit people who were willing in some way or another to embrace the agara dream. It was an opportunity for each person to get to know what role they can take within the agara teams

agara goes Spring Picnicking!

agara’s first social event, which also served as an official launch for K4KENYA

agara goes Christmassy - Real Miniature Christmas Trees for Sale!!

This was agara’s first official fundraising. Real miniature Christmas trees were sold – profits of which were used to fund our projects


An info session was held, the aim of which was to launch agara, inform the general public of its aims, and recruit potential volunteers