Moving from one team to another

So earlier this year I decided to move on from PoléPolé and join the Social Team. I must say that I wasn’t entirely sure about this. PoléPolé was my comfort zone and although I knew the role of Social Team, I wasn’t sure that I was the right fit!

Fast forward to 9th February, my first meeting with the new team, which by the way includes Luisa, Josianne, Justin, Sarah-Ann, and I, felt that I fit perfectly with this team. Now, let me introduce you a little to these amazing people!

Luisa, she’s probably the team’s fulcrum! She puts sense in all our minds.. when we get to the point of no return with laughter during our meetings, Luisa is the one who gets us back to reality.. But! She knows how to have fun! Let’s say we have lots of funny dancing moments during the series of weddings!

Moving on to Josianne, she’s the one who can’t stop laughing! Her laugh is contagious and she finds every way to make people happy… she’s just entertaining to be around at any moment!! Oh Oh! She also brings the juiciest cherry tomatoes!

Sarah-Ann, well you’ll think she’s the quiet one, but you’re wrong! Sarah has a calm way to approach things but let me tell you, she not quiet! She joins all the fun and sometimes comes up with the funniest things and cracks up everyone in laughter.  

Justin, our one and only man in the team, who’s always ready with a pun! He’s the cheekiest of all!! He’s THE FUN! The life of the party! Well, he’s from Żejtun and let’s face it, Żejtun people know how to party!

My conclusion? I do miss PoléPolé and its people, but I confirm that moving on to Social team was a good move.. These people know how to cook! Our meetings always include some sort of appetizer, lunch and dessert!

What more can I ask for?? Jokes apart, Social’s work might not be one that shows tangible results, but I believe that this team keeps our volunteers hyped to work for agara. Getting together, every month, be it for a movie night, a quiz, an afternoon tea, or a BBQ, fills the volunteers with energy to continue the journey within this foundation. So, dear Luisa, Justin, Josianne and Sarah, keep doing your job, well done! Keep feeding me!!


written by :

Steph Micallef

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