More houses, more homeless.

In a world where many are too distracted to notice, statistics show that the rate of homelessness in Malta is rising. And the bad thing is, that in this regard, statistics might not show the real picture. Why? Because, statistics show the people living in shelters, not the ones living under the Marsa Bridge or on a bench in Msida.

Considering the fact that Malta is undergoing a, let’s call it a little change, due to all the buildings going up, one would think that this should solve the problem of people without shelter. Well, this is not the case. We’ll keep the why and the because out of this. Let’s move on to the real deal! What will agara do? Well! We really can’t afford to give these people shelter, but! we’re partnering with YMCA where we will be running a PoléPolé project at Dar Niki Cassar, a shelter for homeless. Yes, homeless people do exist in Malta, and not everyone has the freedom to switch on a laptop and update his / her CV. Not everyone has the luxury of browsing the internet to find a job. PoléPolé, like the teams did in the past years, will provide Dar Niki Cassar with laptops which were kindly donated to us by Vodafone Malta and tutoring to homeless people. You might ask why? Well, let me simply explain our thoughts after all this. During the past three years, PoléPolé managed to set up 5 projects all over the globe, and we’re proud of it all. But it’s now time to show that poverty is a reality in Malta too, and by poverty, I mean, digital poverty, that is, the lack of access to the digital world.

So, in conclusion, in the coming months we will kick off the YMCA project and we’re so very looking forward. The residents are eagerly waiting the day they start to learn how to tackle the digital world and PoléPolé are excited to be helping the Maltese community.

While, we’re at it, if anyone who’s reading this, might accidentally like the idea to donate for a good cause, get in touch with us. Apart from the obvious collection of laptops, we are also in need of USB mice and a lot of Hard Drives. And yes, a voluntary organisation needs money to run.


written by :


Steph Micallef


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