Agara & PolePole; Learn, Teach, Work and Play!

  I had never expected to meet an energetic, skillful team like agara! When we were asked to join this experiential training program in August 2017, we were forwarded a list of different topics. I wondered; how can all these different topics be covered during a two-week training program? The topics were all extremely interesting and appealing for two main reasons: one of which is that they are in different domains. The other reason is that all of the topics set to be covered are quite important for finding jobs in the labor market especially here in Lebanon.

Some of the topics, such as “data analysis, marketing, Photoshop and excel operation” were new to me. However, other skills such as “building a CV, lesson plans, teaching skills and touch typing” were topics I had heard about and that I had needed during my professional journey here in Lebanon. The team members intended us to finish the program successfully in order to become better equipped for the work world. They insisted on following up every person, taking into consideration his interests and his education.

After receiving my certificate, I volunteered in a camp to teach English to young Syrian refugees. I chose to apply the skills that I have learned for several purposes. I wanted to practice what I have taken during the course practically, and to share that valuable information with other people in my community as much as possible.

The feedback given by the team on any assignments was effective and I tried my best to make my CV as professional as they had trained us to do. The result of this hard work was shown soon after, when I was called to participate in a conference in Qatar to represent Syrian students studying in Lebanon.

Despite the intensive topics that we had to learn during the training days, we still had time for amusement. On breaks, Agara’s team used to bring their musical instruments to play songs for us which is rare to occur during our normal lectures. We had a lot of fun and Agara proved the theory that teaching through fun is better than teaching using the traditional ways.

At the end of the course, it was highly beneficial for us to get a transcript about the covered materials, beside the attendance certificate. To conclude, this training with agara was an unforgettable experience I would chose to attend over and over again!


Written By: Nesrin Mustafa.


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