About Us

The idea for the foundation is rooted in the distinct voluntary experiences of two individuals, whose paths converged after having returned from Ethiopia, in the summer of 2013.The beginning of this foundation is the realisation of a dream of going beyond a voluntary experience.

What is agara?
The name agara originates from the Amharic language, which is one of the main languages spoken in Ethiopia. Its meaning, walking together, reflects the vision of the voluntary foundation. agara envisions a global community in which every individual is an equal partner in its development. It seeks to invest in relationships within communities and, above all, empower their individuals by coming together to cultivate a sense of growth, self-reliance, collaboration and continuity through supporting and establishing projects across the world. agara is driven by the belief that human rights are inalienable and fundamental to each and every individual’s inherent dignity, and aims to promote them through awareness-raising projects.

Who works at agara?
agara does not have any full-time workers but an ever-growing number of volunteers are helping out in several ways and means. One of agara’s primary aims is to provide individuals with the opportunity to work in the voluntary sector, especially those persons who had never previously had the means or possibility to do so. Thus, agara seeks to propose creative alternatives which challenge the belief that there is only a limited or particular way that one may be involved in voluntary activities. It taps into the potential and specific capabilities of individuals, be it of the volunteers or of the people on the “receiving end.”

agara provides opportunities on both a long-term basis and short-term ones, thus, making itself flexible enough to allow a person to commit to a reachable outcome. Furthermore, one of the principles of the foundation is to work with individuals, organisations or institutions which already have a set- up or some form of structured system. The idea is not to impose yet another system, but to integrate the activities of agara within a structure which has already been established, and may continue to run independently even once the volunteers are no longer present, thus ensuring sustainability and maximises reachability.

What is the set up?
Rather than having every member directed towards all aspects of the foundation, agara strongly believes in a team whose members work in harmony, and targets towards an aspiring goal. Thus, agara’s general team ensures the overall running of the foundation. This same team is backed up by several different teams, each of which targets a specific area.  find out more about our teams.