A message from the Board

Becoming a Board member of a non-profit organisation comes with a lot of responsibility but when you find the right organisation, it can be a lot of fun. So, what are the duties of the Board in agara? What do we do? For starters, we have a meeting every month but, in the meantime, almost every day we use any means of communication possible to keep in contact. Obviously, as board members we ensure that all our assets are used responsibly and to their greatest potential.  We fully believe in our teams and leave many of the decisions up to the Team Members, but it is our duty to chaperone the Team Leaders and help them out to manage the teams outstandingly. Obviously, other decisions need to be taken up at Board level. And, let me tell you, sometimes, decisions lead to heated discussions amongst us Board Members which lead to hours and hours debates, analysis, brainstorming and snacking; yes, we, as Maltese, always have the joyful presence of food, often a choice of healthy snacks although we admit that sometimes we end up munching on gummy bears and jelly babies.



Let us slightly introduce ourselves; Stephen Abela, a software consultant, and omáda’s Team Leader. Stephen dreams big, his imagination is wild, too wild. He’s one of the founders of agara, so we kind of give him credit for that, but otherwise we need to tighten his ropes or else he gallops over fences and every other obstacle he finds to accomplish all the dreams, even the impossible ones. Joseph Pellicano is the Fundraising Team leader. He works in social work and he’s very good at it too! But! Joseph loses things; never ever leave anything that is very precious to you in his hands; stuff kind of disappears from his hands. Then there’s Adrian Cassar, an IT Specialist and a resonate Team Leader. He’s the guy that keeps sense when every other member is being too ideal. He’s the guy that brings the gummy bears and jelly babies and we love him for that. He seems the quietest but believe it when we say that he attributes to some of the mischievous stuff that happens during Board meetings.

Steph is our female Board member and a Team Leader in Social Team. She’s a Technical Engineer and even though she doesn’t look like one, she’s a master in technology. Steph was the missing ingredient in our board because as you may know a female touch always sets a higher standard. Having her on board (pun intended) is really fun. Steph is gullible, really really gullible, making our life easier! Bernard, our funniest navigator. Travelling with him mind get quite adventurous as he usually takes the role of navigator, but has to go round 3 times to get his position equal to the GPS’. But! He’s a mastermind when it comes to Leadership! He’s a developers’ team-leader at one of the biggest gaming companies in Malta and that’s why he’s best at Leading PoléPolé to the right directions.  He might seem quiet, but that’s just an impression he tries to give to people.. Us, the people who surround him, know he’s not! And he loves fun-facts too.. He knows all kinds of fun-facts and lame jokes and likes to share them, even with people who are not very keen. Our latest Board addition, Adrian Cassar, yes we have another Adrian Cassar (we refer to them as it-twil u l-qasir – with no discrimination intended, but it’s true; one is always living the life on cloud nine and the other is what we can call fun-size – like the mini kit-kat or smarties you find at Lidl.) Adrian is a Structural Engineer..  such a big word to describe a Perit insomma. Well, he’s a good structural engineer, and in fact he took over our Logistics Team and spends most of his time coming up with new ideas to make our Garage space more usable in a very chic way! A very creative guy. Wait, is this the word you use for someone who dreams of doing something and his hands just create it? Anyway, he’s that guy who knows how to do everything and whatever he doesn’t know, well there’s nothing he can’t teach himself to do!  


Very often, the passion for agara takes over our ‘us time’. Therefore, frequently we invest in a good balanced night out and even tough it usually involves a lot of dream discussions for agara over tasty food and a glass of wine, we still believe that this is our time to bond as board members. Sometimes, volunteering leaves us breathless as we tend to dream very big and these jolly instances help us relax and unwind in each other’s’ company.


Well, we have a duty of loyalty towards agara and its vision! We make sure that every decision we make is in the best interest of its members and all humanity. We make sure that every member’s unique potential is unlocked and amplified while keeping agara’s mission and purpose on track.


Yours truly,

The Board team.

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