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Omáda is a one of two new concepts within agara. It’s identity and objectives are still brewing! We suggest that you keep a look out as the group will continue to develop. Slight hint… it will definitely be related to Sports!


PoléPolé was launched in 2016. All projects target to provide laptops entities which are already up and running, and whose intention is to continue functioning. In each circumstance, the laptops are set up in the form of a computer lab, which is made available for the use of the individuals present in the respective setup


Resonate is one of the two new concepts in agara. Its identity is still being formed, however it aims to deliver music through different projects. Keep a look out for further updates in the coming weeks!

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The idea for the foundation is rooted in the distinct voluntary experiences of two individuals, whose paths converged after having returned from Ethiopia, in the summer of 2013.The beginning of this foundation is the realisation of a dream of going beyond a voluntary experience.


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