session 8 – Zumba Session

Fitness may be healthy but it’s not always that fun.  Well it’s definitely not the case with Zumba.  The great atmosphere within the room was….INCREDIBLE!!!

session 7 – Pilates Session

agara discovered Pilates….it’s definitely tougher than it looks….I guess the faces speak for themselves :).  Gaining an insight into so many different sports is a great experience. 

session 6 – Circuit training with Bellizzi Kenneth

The sixth session was another totally different session, this time held at a gym.  

Session 5 – Fat Burning Session with Yazmin

Never understimate any sports session which is described as a Fat Burning session….it’s good to burn fat and understand the need to train more 🙂


session 4 – Yoga Session with Ray Cacciattolo

We have opted to look for a different kind of session….hoping that it would be easier.  I guess we were wrong, it was definitely a different session but surely not easy.   Being our first time, we were very impressed with the Yoga session




session 3 – Circuit Training with Gail Darmanin

By the third session we have started to get used to the physical training exercise….far from it.  The training was very intensive…yet as you may notice from the photos the team was equally great. 

The Sponsors

In any event the sponsors play a determining role.  We could not have set up the #fitforagara in their current form if not with the help of the sponsors who have provided us with free goods which in turn were utilised to give away the goodie bags.  Through the latter we have created one extra reason to join us for one of the classes which are being organised between April and June. 

Understanding the project…your questions answered

session 2 – Fitness Training with Elite Wellness Centre

In our second session we have moved outdoors…in the Fgura playground.  It was a totally different setting.  We have started to realise that each session is completely different from the previous ones.